Paul Speare


During my long career as a musician and producer I've worked at countless recording studios, large and small: Abbey Road, Air, Trident and Paul Weller's Black Barn among them. I've also experienced the different approaches of many studio engineers.

So I can honestly say that Julian Whitfield's Space Sequoia studio, in its lovely countryside location, is one of the best; it's become my go-to studio for a number of production projects in the last three years.

There's a choice of recording spaces which can easily accommodate a full band, excellent microphones and a solid ProTools system. Julian's extensive experience and calm approach contributes to a stress-free project.

Paul Speare
Saxophonist/flautist (Paul Weller, Elvis Costello, Dexys Midnight Runners)

Larry Mindel


Julian and Malin welcome you to their home, their studio, their world in a place far away from the hubbub. A world of creativity and tranquility, with everything set out to make the most of your music. Let’s put technical acumen to one side - take it for granted Julian knows what he’s doing. It’s not about the kit, but about what you do with it. Julian has an amazing pair of ears, and the antennae to know when to do what - when to gently suggest, when to discuss, when to persuade and when to tell. Most of all, Julian is a fantastic listener - to what is said, to what is unsaid and to what is felt. 

I am so glad I found him…